Alfie DuBoisson is a grey shirt CHERUB agent. Alfie is half French. He is 11 years old in Guardian Angel.

Alfie is one of Ryan's best friends along with Max.

People's Republic

Alfie was there when Max threw a dried up orange at Kaitlyn and she bopped her head on the table while the orange smashes the teacher's cup.

Alfie along with Max help Ryan, Fu Ning and Amy look through football shirts trying to make a match.

Guardian Angel

Alfie goes with Ryan, Max, Ning, Grace and Chloe to Camden market. Chloe reveals while there that she has seen Alfie in the shower and compares his penis to a jelly bean.

Alfie also participates in a fight with some skinheads who were disrespecting a father. Alfie ran off with Max they Later ran into Chloe and Ning but decide it's best if they split up again so they are not noticed.

Alfie is picked for a mission by Ryan after Max is dismissed by Zara for being too hyperactive to stay in character over a long-term mission. His mission is to become Ethan's new best friend at his new boarding school with Ning becoming his girlfriend.

However Ethan never shows up for school as he is kidnapped by Leonid, Alfie stays at the school until he is told to leave. He plays golf with some friends on the first day.

Personality and skills

Alfie looks very intimidating but he is actually a very calm and complacent individual. Alfie can play the flute and has a genius level IQ. Alfie somewhat fancies himself as a lady's man but he is not.

Alfie has a Yucca plant called Doris who he often talks about like a girlfriend.