Gabrielle O'Brien is a retired CHERUB agent and one of the best friends of Kerry Chang. Gabrielle is Jamaican and can choose to use a thick accent.

Early life

Her parents were officers with the Jamaican Police force. They both died in a car accident in 2002.

The Recruit

Gabrielle does basic training at the same time as Kerry, James Adams, Callum, Connor, Nicole, Shakeel and Mo. Gabrielle was originally paired with Nicole but she quit fairly early on. She later partnered with Callum after Connor broke his leg.

Gabrielle and Kerry lock the boys on the balcony when they are in a hotel getting ready for the last days of basic training.

Gabrielle passed basic training and started going on missions.

Class A

Gabrielle and Kerry beat James and Bruce on a training exercise and laugh at them for jogging home when they could have taken a taxi. Gabrielle is very angry after Bruce hurts Kerry and seems to Blame James as well as Bruce.

Maximum Security

Gabrielle comforts James about missing Kerry and also starts a fight at the bowling alley after being racially abused. Gabrielle gets sent on a recruitment mission while James gets sent on a real mission.

The Killing

Gabrielle is on Kerry's team and they are found by and have their eggs crushed by James who also breaks their rifles.

Mad Dogs

Gabrielle is on a mission with her boyfriend Michael Hendry to infiltrate the slasher boys gang. Gabrielle gets stabbed by a runt a rival gang member and is taken to hospital in a critical condition.

Gabrielle has lots of Agent at the chapel lighting candles for her and she manages to survive.

Gabrielle insists the mission continues and helps Michael continue it.

The Sleepwalker

Gabrielle goes on her work experience .

The General

Gabrielle finds out that Michael has been cheating on her with Dana and is very upset.

While at fort Reagan, Gabrielle consoles in James about Dana but refuses his advances.

Personality and Skills

Gabrielle is hot-headed but can also be easily mislead. Gabrielle will start fights and she has solid combat skills and physical strength to back it up. Gabrielle is intelligent but doesn't enjoy it.