Grace Vulliamy is a 12-year-old Grey shirt CHERUB agent. Grace is the love interest of Ryan Sharma. She is also Chloe's best friend.

People's Republic

Grace and Chloe listen to Ryan's story and then trap him using the fridge Grace squirts whipped cream down Ryan's pants while Chloe took a picture, It is also mentioned that she and Ryan went out and when Ryan broke up with her she threw a bowl of macaroni at his head.

Guardian Angel

Grace goes to Camden Market with Chloe, Ryan, Max Black, Fu Ning and Alfie DuBoisson. Grace starts a fight with a group of skinheads because they try and start a fight with a father. After all the skinheads are incapacitated Grace runs away with Ryan.

Ryan gives Grace a boost over the wall and Grace throws a toaster at a police officer to stop him tasering Ryan, she then passes over a fridge door to help him across. While in the taxi with Ryan, they kiss and start going out.

Ryan broke up with Grace by text and she sent him a text saying she would cut off his balls.

When Ryan arrives back on Campus he gives Grace a box of chocolates to calm her down. Grace barges into his room and starts hitting him with her hockey stick, after a couple of warnings Ryan slaps her in the face. Grace grabs some of Ryan's books and runs into her room to wreck them in the toilet. When she leaves the bathroom to rescue her stuff she pulls Ryan on top of her and kisses him, but he tells her he doesn't want anything to do with her...

Personality and Skills

Grace is very combative and starts fights. Grace is also described as being clingy and acting like she owns Ryan while they are in a relationship.