Max Black is a Grey Shirt 12 year old CHERUB agent . Max is best friends with Alfie DuBoisson and Ryan Sharma he is known for having the boredom threshold of a 2 year old.

Peoples RepublicEdit

Max threw a dried up orange he found in his bag at Kaitlyn and the orange knocked over the teachers cup, Kaitlyn hit her head avoiding the orange and Max got 100 laps Max along with Alfie help Ryan, Ning and Amy look through football t-shirt designs he is the one who finally finds a match.

Guardian AngelEdit

Max goes with Ryan, Alfie , Grace and Chloe to Camden market and fights a group of skinheads then he escapes with Alfie, they later meet up with Ning and Chloe but they decide it's best to split up again to avoid the police.

Max is working on a Humanities project with Alfie and Ryan but they do not finish it on time and Ryan steals Grace and Chloe's project.

Max's name is suggested for a mission by Ryan but Zara says he is too immature

Personality and SkillsEdit

Max can not sit down still he is constantly moving and is very easily bored and has a good sense of humor.