Nicole Eddison is an overweight twelve-year-old with red hair and big breasts. She has her most prominent role in Class A. In Class A, James Adams thought he wanted to get off with her but in actual fact, his feeling pointed to another girl, Kerry Chang

The Recruit

Nicole is one of the people going into James's basic training. She is overweight and when she decides to leave training, it is only on the first day, so everyone considers her to be soft, confirmed by her sobbing and begging for another chance.

Class A

She is put on the mission by Kyle Blueman because of payment from James Adams, so she presumably passed training the next time. She gets James to like him, so he kisses her but stops because Kerry walks in on them. When they go out to the cinema for James's birthday, she injures an old mans hip. It is later revealed she did this under the influence of cocaine, so she is expelled from CHERUB.