Norman Large is a past training instructor for CHERUB.


He was born Eric Norman in Luton, Bedfordshire in the UK sometime in the year 1963. Large has a brother and two sisters.

Both of Large's parents died in a house fire in 1970. Large and his siblings join CHERUB sometime due the same year. Large is 7 years old at the time.

Large retires from CHERUB after only 8 missions in 1976 at the age of 13 as he is too big to pass for a child easily.


  • Attends Eton College 1976-81.

  • Attends London School of Economics 1981-84 and graduates with a degree in Econometrics.


  • Joins British Army as Officer Cadet in the Parachute Regiment - 1984
  • Wins Bravery medal after the Gulf War - 1991
  • Becomes S.A.S Training officer - 1993
  • Gets a job as a CHERUB Physical Education Instructor - 1996
  • Promoted to head of Basic Training - 2000
  • Demoted to Regular Training Instructor following Disciplinary Action - 2006
  • Resigned from CHERUB Staff - 2007


Lives with his life partner Gareth Brooks, an accountant. They adopted a girl named Hayley in 2002.


Norman Large is a tall redhaired man with a muscular build.